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The Sleeping Appetite (an adaptation)

Separated by Death (May 2006)

Fish Out of Water (May 2006)

Interview with the Hopeless and
the Life Story of the Romantic (March 2006)

Call Waiting (December 2005)

Drawing Closer (December 2005)

The Dream Series: (December 2005)
Dream #80205
Dream #51403

The Sofa Series: (December 2005)
Do you mind if I watch television
vs. Your mom called

Perils of Darkness (May 2005)

Relative Distance (February 2005)

Self Taught (February 2005)

Black Out (December 2004)

The Pumpkin Movie (October 2004)

Rodriguez vs. Begien (October 2004)

Madrugada (October 2004)

My Favorites (October 2004)

Counsel to the Crown (October 2004)

Restless Reststops (October 2004)

The Frozen Path (May 2004)

La Chaise Bleu (January 1997)

From Edinburgh Castle Film Nights:

May 2006: Kidnapping and Violence

March 2006: Romance

December 2005: See Begien
- The Future Catches Up to the Past

March 2005: Super Duper 8

February 2005: F is for Family

December 2004: Drunken Diaries
Trailer one -- Jose Rodriguez
Trailer two -- C. Begien

October 2004: RODRIGUEZ vs. BEGIEN
show archive

May 2004: The Dying Californian

(homevideos from spare time that was spared)

October 2008

clicquot meets dean-o
funny eating
first movies

Dean Hunter Dalton:
Welcome Dean
At Home

Happy New Years

Goodnigt (TDC@Zilla Studios)

Incredibly Boring Footage (aka. the Lindsay movie)

Leg and Pants Dans Theeater

Ric and a Cowbell

Tacos for Ric

The Boys and Dolores

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